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Yorkie Weight & Growth Chart


Yorkshire Terrier Adult size & weight

  • Yorkshire Terriers are considered a small, toy breed dog.

  • Yorkies usually fall within an average weight of 4lbs to 7lbs and height of 6 to 9 inches at the shoulders. This is also the breed standard according to AKC. However, it is not unusual for a Yorkie to be outside of this average range.

  • Some Yorkies will weigh at or above the current standard of 7lbs, up to 10lbs, and in rare circumstances, up to 15lbs.

  • Larger Yorkies that weight close to 15lbs may have a larger breed somewhere in its lineage /bloodline.

  • It is very important to remember that the Yorkshire Terrier breed was only officially registered in 1878. One of the earliest and most popular sires of the Yorkshire Terrier breed was a dog named Huddersfield Ben who weighed 11lbs!

  • When considering the “breed standard” for any dog breed, many owners are concerned if their pet does not fit within the listed breed standards.  These standards are primarily used to show dogs and dogs in competitions. Dogs that fall slightly above or below this average range are still considered purebred and are usually perfectly healthy.


Teacup Yorkies: Is smaller better?

  •  Teacup Yorkies are Miniature Yorkshire Terriers that fall outside of the “breed standards” typically weighing around 3lbs or under when full-grown.

  • Teacup Yorkies that are considered "micro" weighing 1-2lbs usually have more health risks with a much shorter life expectancy than your standard Yorkie.

  • Please note that Teacup Yorkies are only a pound or two smaller than standard size Yorkies. If you are looking for a small breed dog then the standard sized Yorkshire Terriers are still one of the smallest dog breeds in the world!



Find out how big your Yorkie will be as an adult

Although it is difficult to know for certain how big your Yorkie puppy will get, there are a few methods that breeders use to make fairly accurate predictions. Use the formulas below to predict how big your Yorkie will be as an adult.

8-week formula

  • Use the weight of your Yorkie puppy at 8 weeks.

  • Take this number and multiply it by 3 to get the predicted Yorkie adult weight.

Example:  One Yorkie puppy weighs 19oz at 8 wks old.

19 oz x 3 = 57 oz

57 oz is about 3.5lbs

This Yorkie puppy will probably be around 3.5lbs at maturity.

12-week formula

  • Using the weight of your Yorkie puppy at 12 weeks old.

  • Take this number and double it to get the predicted Yorkie adult weight.

Example: A Yorkie puppy weighs 50 oz at 12wks old.

50oz x 2= 100oz

100 ounces is about 6.25lbs

This Yorkie puppy will probably be around 6.25lbs at maturity.



Below you will find our Yorkshire Terrier Size Prediction Chart.
Use this chart as a reference only as many other factors will contribute to your Yorkie’s weight at maturity.

  • To use this chart simply weigh your Yorkie puppy then convert that number into ounces. (1lbs = 16oz)

(Click the button below to convert lbs to ounces)



  • Find the age of your Yorkie on the left, then look in that row for your dog’s weight.

  • At the bottom of that column, you will find the projected adult weight for your Yorkshire Terrier.

Evermore Yorkies Growth Chart

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** Yorkshire Terriers will reach their adult size by 12 months **

Keep in mind that the size of your Yorkie will largely depend on the size of his parents and lineage. So, if the Dam (mother) and Sire (father) are larger then the Yorkie puppies from that litter will most likely be larger as well.

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