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They're here! ! !

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Okay so this is our first true blog post. The second litter for Sasha and Sammy has arrived. This one came during the day time, which was nice, as we were up ALL NIGHT when she had the last litter. Just like the first litter, she did such a great job this time. She was in labor for less than 12 hours, then the pups came out. She went into her whelping box and within 30 mins, the first puppy was born which was a boy! Then the second male came, then female, then the last male. They all came about an hour apart. After we checked them out, they snuggled up to Sasha and we made sure each puppy was kept warm and got plenty of milk. Sasha was pampered! Hand fed her food and water mixed with some puppy formula to ensure she had all the vitamins and nutrients she needed to help her recover and provide good milk for the puppies. They're doing great and we look forward to sharing their growth and journey with you on our blog.

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