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Yorkie Puppies Weaning, Teething, and Keepsakes!

This past weekend our Yorkshire Terrier puppies officially turned 4 weeks old!! We just love watching them grow and change each week. I feel so proud when they reach their milestones.

The Yorkie puppies are now teething, getting their first set of puppy teeth! Such a cute little milestone for them. However, this particular milestone can leave their gums a little sore so we make sure to leave puppy safe teething toys to offer them a little relief.

Puppy Teething Toys

This week we're working on weaning the puppies using replacement milk and soft food mixed into a mush/soup consistency. We offer this little concoction to the puppies about 1-2 times per day. Right now they're just sniffing around or licking the edge of the container.

Weaning "Milk Mush"

It's completely fine if the puppies don't eat it since our goal is to simply introduce them to food right now, not replace mom's milk. Usually, after a week or so of this, the puppies will begin eating the food on their own. During this time we will taper off the replacement milk, and just give them the puppy food. We love using Diamond Naturals small breed puppy food for all of our puppies. We will include a 6lb bag of this food in our puppy kits for them to take to their fur-ever homes!

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Dog Food

We're also working on a paw print keepsake for our puppies' new parents. We used washable Crayola paint to dip each puppy's paw along with their parents (Sammy & Sasha). Its almost impossible to have them come out perfectly, but we still love doing them! Navy and Sky were not too happy about our little project. You can see below how out of the 4 pups, 2 of them (Navy Blue/Sky Blue) wanted to snatch away leaving a slightly more messy print. Here's what we have so far:

Yorkie Pups 4wk old Paw Prints

We will be adding some words ( Mom, Dad, and Me) to the prints along with the age/date. Over the next couple weeks we will continue updating our social media pages as the yorkie pups progress. We also want to thank all of you that follow us we appreciate all your love and support!

If you guys found this post helpful, and if you want us to continue with the blog style updates, please let us know in the comments below.

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